Robert E. Hinton - Artist Profile
Artist Profile

Robert Hinton started drawing as a child sketching airplanes, buildings, and animals.  In high school he began drawing portraits, and in college he made spending money by drawing for other students.

In 1970, Hinton returned from Vietnam and attended South Dakota State University, where he began painting for the first time.  Teaching himself to paint was difficult and not nearly as easy as sketching.  Painting with acrylics allows Hinton the versatility to paint with meticulous detail while maintaining a softness and natural blend of nature's color.

Over the past 20 years of painting professionally, Hinton has completed over 300 paintings and has published over 100 limited edition prints.  Most of his paintings reflect images of his love for the outdoors - capturing a memory or bringing back to life a scene from yesterday.  A dedicated wildlife advocate, Hinton has also donated his time and talent to many conservation organizations in their efforts to raise funds.  His works are displayed across the United States in galleries and art exhibits.